They aren’t just big ol’ houses

Huge A-flamed thatched farmhouses of Shirakawa-go of Gifu, Japan are still standing strong to this day after 300 of years.

Villagers continue going about their daily lives make this place a “Breathing world heritage site”

Welcome to Shirakawa-go walking tour!

The UNESO World Heritage Site

Shirakawa-go Walking Tour

Gassho style houses (Gassho zukuri) of Shirakawa-go Gifu, Japan.

Last site to visit on Shirakawa-go walking tour is an Ogi-machi castle observatory. With deeper understanding of this small village, sure to make you fall in love with Shirakawa-go even more!

Gassho style houses (Gassho zukuri) of Shirakawa-go Gifu, Japan.

Shirakawa-go is in Shirakawa village and is located in an isolated area with about 96% mountainous forests!! Air is crisp, scent of flowers and nature surround you and you feel ever so rejuvenated…

“It was the villagers of Ogi-machi(town) who started to promote preservation of Gassho style houses”. There was a sad story of other village with ancestor’s Gassho style houses behind the decision.

Why You’ll Enjoy “Tour Escape” Walking Tour

I specialize only Shirakawa-go and walking tour was not constructed based on ordinary tour structure and common guiding, but filled with creative ideas. There will be “Wow” moments and there will be some emotional moment. We will have plenty to taste Shirakawa-go’s specialty food, and sure to use all of your 5 senses!

  • Passionate
  • Story telling
  • Fun game
  • Entertainment
  • Plenty of specialty to try out

The UNESO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go

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