Shirakawa-go Walking Tour

Tour Escape walking tour specializes in Shirakawa-go of Ogi town. The tour begins at “Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal” 10 am Monday through Friday. The tour lasts about 5 hours and concludes back at the Bus Terminal.

Summary of Shirakawa-go Walking Tour

Walking tour covers whole village. Several Gassho-zukuri (Gassho style house) are open to public, of which, we will explore 2 buildings. The last and one of the highlights of our tour is Ogi-machi (town) castle observatory.
There are plenty of great spots to take photos as well as break during the Shirakawa-go walking tour.

Brief Itinerary

Bus station/Information center


This is the meeting place for the walking tour.
There are lockers in the back of the station if you need to store your extra luggage (500 yen).
There is also a money exchange ATM. Not all the shops accept credit cards.

3. Wada House


Wada house is one of the oldest and largest Gassho style house in Shirakawa-go of Ogi town.

Here, we will learn about the beginning of the Gassho-zukuri (style) houses and one of the most important legacy of Shirakawa-go, the “Spirit of Yui” or mutual support.

DSCN1193 5. “Deai” bridge


Why there are so many Gassho style houses in Ogi-town? It was all started when villager realized the importance of preservation.
I will share a sad story of “Miboro dam”, the sacrifice which was made by other village.

6. “Hachiman” shrine


Biggest festival of Shirakawa-go is a “Doburoku Festival”.  It is a unique celebration, praying to the mountain God offering unfiltered sake called “Doburoku”,  which dates back to 700 BC.
You can relax and enjoy some specialty sweets and non alcoholic sake while you learn about the festival.

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DSCN1221 8. “Kuri” and “Myozen” temple


This building was and still is used as a monk’s resident called “Kuri”.

We will explore inside one of the largest Gassho style building and see how ingenious way the roof was constructed and still withstanding after 2-300 years has passed!

11. Kanda House


Kanda house’s Gassho zukuri (style) house is more improved version, and you can learn another secret of amazing roof construction.

There were two industries which Shirakawa-go relied upon as their source of income : Sericulture and Nitre cultivation. You can actually see and learn about it in Kanda house. 

DSCN1046 13. Castle keep observatory


Last site to visit is the observatory, where you can overlook whole Shirakawa-go of Ogi-machi (town).

From up here, there is yet another “WOW” factors of ancestor’s wisdom and connection to nature. With so much knowledge about this small town you have now, standing here and overlooking the village move your heart! 


Average low & high of Shirakawa-go

Average low and high temperature of Shirakawa-go.

Wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the season. it’s a good idea to bring drinks.

Information of the tour

Duration5 hours
What’s includedWalking tour
Tour guide
Admission fees to Gassho houses
Specialty sweets
Souvenir pack
Maximum travers per group7 people
Price (per person)