Meet Hiroko, your tour guide

Tour Escape, Shirakawa-go walking tour is in fact, a brand new business as well as the experience that’s totally new for me. I’ll be frank with you, I am just starting out so I might not possess the experience of being a tour guide (yet) but the deep love I have towards my hometown, Hida region is undeniable.

About me

I’ve spent 20 years in USA. Since returning to Japan, I’ve been working as freelance interpreter / translator.
However, totally unexpected virus hit us all and zero job opportunities with uncertain future met me with “Tour guide training course”…

Shirakawa-go and me

There I had a fateful encounter with Shirakawa-go. The name is well known to everyone but actually putting my own feet in the village moved me completely and instantly, I fell in love with this place. Not just the amazing looking thatched houses but the magnificent nature surrounding it and the people of Ogi town.

So the story begins

What makes this village so attractive? The more I dig deeper into Shirakawa-go, the more I get intrigued by it. I believe there is something we, human have in common, that special something that touches your heart deep down, no matter what nationality each and every person is. So my mission as a tour guide is to give you a place where you can call “home”.